Turnip,Purple Top White Globe (57 days), Heirloom

Turnip,Purple Top White Globe (57 days), Heirloom

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Purple Top Turnips are Large roots, smooth, globe shaped, 5 to 6″ in diameter, purple across top with white beneath.  Flesh is white,  fine grained,  crisp and tender with a little bit of spicy.  Tops are 18 to 22 inch tall, dark green.   An all-purpose variety used extensively for home-gardening and shipping.

They can be planted late-even as a second crop-and provide high-quality grazing late in the fall. Turnip planted in July will provide grazing from September to November. The most vigorous root growth takes place during periods of low temperature (40 to 60).

Turnip is a root brassica crop most commonly used for forage. It does well in colder climates but is also grown in southern regions. Fast growing summer fodder crop with excellent feeding value. Deep taproot creates perfect channels for plant roots to easily follow. Excellent at taking residual nitrogen and putting it back into the soil.

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