Return Policy

All of our seed is thoroughly tested for vitality and germination, and every package is marked with the results of these tests. We guarantee arrival in good condition and warrant to the full amount of the purchase price that our seeds are of good quality and true to name as described on the package. Any claims due to defects must be reported to the American Seed Company within 10 days from receipt of product or the American Seed Company will not assume any responsibility after that time.

The American Seed Company warrants that seeds and plants it sells will conform to the label description as required under State and Federal Seed Laws. It makes no warranties, expressed or implied, of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise, which would extend beyond such descriptions, and in any event its liability for breach of any warranty or contract with respect to such seeds or plants is limited to the purchase price of such seeds or plants. The American Seed Company further limits to the purchase price any liability of any kind on account of any negligence whatsoever on its part with respect to such seeds or plants.  By acceptance of the seeds or plants herein described the buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein described are conditions of sale and that they constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding warranty or any other liability.