Bean, Thorogreen (67 Days), Heirloom

Bean, Thorogreen (67 Days), Heirloom

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Easy-care dwarf lima bean plants bear pods in clusters, so picking is easy.  Baby Thorogreen produces plump pods with 3-4 pale green beans per pod.  Tender beans are flavorful cooked fresh, in soups and other recipes.  They are also good for drying.  Bush-type plants grow 20 in. tall with a similar spread and require no staking.  Baby Thorogreen is an early-maturing lime bean, making it a favorite for Northern gardeners. Our biggest seller two years in a row!

For best results, sow lima bean seeds directly into the garden after the danger of spring frost has passed.  Can be sown every two weeks for a continuous harvest. 67 DAYS.


** Seeds Are Treated with Thiram**

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