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Switchgrass can be used as a feedstock for biomass energy production, as ground cover for soil conservation, and to control erosion, for forages and grazing, and as game cover. It can be used by cattle farmers for hay and pasture and as a substitute for wheat straw in many applications, including livestock bedding, straw bale housing and as a substrate for growing mushrooms.

In hunting woodlot edges, bedding areas, hunter access routes, ponds, orchards and food plots are all very good habitat features to plant switchgrass along side. Your entire screening goal should be to keep the deer from seeing you, and the deer from seeing each other.  A favorite of deer to bed down in.

Switchgrass is both a perennial and self-seeding crop, which means farmers do not have to plant and reseed after annual harvesting. Once established, a switchgrass stand can survive for ten years or longer.

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