Pumpkins, Cinderella (110 days), Heirloom

Pumpkins, Cinderella (110 days), Heirloom



This classic Heirloom Pumpkin is as traditional as they come! With its lovely, smooth orange skin and flattened “old fashioned” shape.  This pumpkin is just as suited to be a decoration as it is to be a delicious pie!  Cinderella pumpkins are medium to large in size.  They average 30-38 centimeters in diameter and weighing 15-35 pounds, and are round in shape with a flattened blossom and stem end.  The deeply-ribbed or lobed rind matures from yellow to a bright red-orange and is smooth with a rough, light brown stem. The skin is thick, dense, and rich orange, encasing a central cavity with pulp and flat, cream-colored seeds.  When cooked, Cinderella pumpkins are creamy and moist with a mild and slightly sweet flavor.

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